Sunday, 23 July 2017

Lucy's on a Skyweaver

Diamond Geezer, Get Serious.

With diamonds, being the obvious implication. Because Harlequins? And they have diamonds? Is this getting through at all?

I enjoyed my holiday, thanks very much. Now back to the grind.

Jetbikes are a big draw in Eldar armies, packing speed and firepower in an attractive combo. Harlequins take this to extremes, as they're even harder hitting, although terribly frail at the same time. Leofa went and got some, at any rate, so his somewhat Ynnari-looking army can throw a few into the mix.

Took a fair bit of painting, but I'm still mostly on holiday at the moment, so I squeezed them out by the end of the week. I don't know which was worse, the diamonds or the ridiculous amount of gemstones on them. Probably the latter, actually, because I left them all until last and then blitzed it. Bleh.

Skyweavers are the smaller bikes, each with a rider wielding some kind of future bolas. Nice idea but pretty impractical for the models, the chains are very thin. So the riders are travelling home unglued to reduce their chances of shattering in transit.

Back to trying to get reflective chrome right. Better! The sky looks decent, anyway, although the ground probably needed a bit more pop and detail in the foreground. Meh, I'll fix it in post. 

All the guns are still loose too, so that Leofa can magnetise or slot them as needed. I don't think the larger skimmer will manage much swapping without magnets, the guns are a very tight fit in a very narrow slot, and it wouldn't take much for the pins to snap, so I didn't play around with them much for photos.

Lots of plain space for freehand, a mixed blessing as ever. Chicken out, and you find painting a nice smooth surface that size is actually quite hard to pull off neatly. Don't chicken out, and everyone can see your freehand. As ever, I've fallen somewhere between the two stools.

This is about the size of a fifty pence piece, and very clearly not meant to be examined from this distance. Looks much better from several metres away. In another room, say.

The bigger bike can be a gunship (Voidweaver) or a transport (Starweaver), depending on what's required. It's missing its transparent cockpit canopy, which I hope is because Leofa didn't trust me not to varnish it by accident like I did last time I did one, rather than because I lost it somewhere. Nice looking thing, either way. There's about four hundred hidden gems on the underside, which I'm really glad I bothered doing. Same with the rainbow flooring in the back seats, really worth spending the time on something I can't get in a photo. Hey ho! Grist to the mill.

"Call that a hovertrain? Pfffff."

Finally, a shaman for the frogmen from the other week. He fits into this week's theme because I painted a Starweaver, and he's got a starfish on his stick.

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  1. Thanks - my Eldar are in Dire need of some transport / heavy firepower. :-)