Thursday, 22 June 2017


Reptile week here, for some reason.

These off-brand skinks, or frogmen, or batrachioi, or what have you, are quite nice models as Reaper rubber goes. I've tried to do them like Poison Arrows Frogs, nice and bright with black spots, just as I would do any Lizardmen army that fell into my dread clutches.

The green one probably needs a bit more contrast on his teeth and his rather fine tiki mask shield, and may one day get it. But not today.

No, today I have other brightly-coloured creatures to finish off. At home in any reptile tank, this selection of genestealers is part of Leofa's Cult army. Which I hear is already seeing some action in the new system, and racking up some victories once they get past the stumbling block of the shooting phase.

This lot are a bit of a ragtag crew. Damaged original Space Hulk 'stealers, if I don't miss my guess, repaired with spare parts from more up to date Space Hulk xenos and something that might have been a hormagaunt. Some of them have hands for feet. Probably doesn't stop them.

Reaper didn't stop with frogmen. No, their hybridisation program went on to experiment with tortoises as well.

I've decided to call these two Statler and Waldorf, for the incredibly obvious reason that they are posed guffawing with laughter as they deride a vaudeville show.

The shells are done with Zamesi Desert, then drybrushed with Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black, then finished with 'Ardcoat. Not strictly Abaddon Black, to be honest, I bought a big tub of standard matt black acrylic paint from a hobby shop as it's twice the size for half the cost. Can't go too far wrong with Black, I hope. 

And speaking of hybrids, of course, there's this lot.

Hybrid Neophytes, is that right? Whatever they're called, they have the best weapons. 
Like these power scissors, which you must not run with. 
Power tools is kind of the order of the day, actually. He came, he sawed, he conquered. 
Some options are more boring than others. 
My favourite is the demolitions expert here. Do not return to once lit. 

And a last reptile to round them all off. This yellow-throated basilisk is a common pest in desert regions.

More when they're done!

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