Friday, 16 June 2017


Man and machine!

Funnily enough, I didn't really like the Space Marine Centurions on release. Firstly, I resent anything that gives the goddamn marines new toys, it's not like their range is poorly represented in the Grimdark.

Max Ray

Then there's the models. They looked tubby and encumbered by their weapons, rather than relentless and overpowering. Like someone put a sumo wrestler in someone else's power armour.

You know what, though? It's a nice kit to build. Sort of, given that each one is in something like thirty bits. And I enjoyed painting them - big and straightforward. It's that twiglet marine thing again, you might hate them, but once you get going it's not long before you're crouched in a corner of the kitchen, muttering ferally with marmite smeared over your chin. Although I possibly just speak for myself there.

Jake Rockwell

There was much talk of magnetizing their many many weapon systems, when I picked them up at Kasfunatu Towers. Not impossible, I think, but way beyond my skill - the guns have that elaborate cabling coming out of the back of it, so you'd probably want a second magnet there, and the smallest ones I've got are thicker than the cables. So I made some decisions, and I hope they're the right ones.

Two Graviton Cannons plus amplifiers, is what you're seeing here, plus a heavy bolter pair. The Grav cannon guys have hurricane bolter nipples, the bolter bearer has what turns out to be an illegal choice of assault grenade launchers (they're just for the close combat centurions). But they look nicer than the missile launchers, and could still plausibly be little warheads, so I'm sticking to it.

Ace McCloud

Grav cannons were supposedly OP in 7th ed, and remain nasty looking in 8th. They're not lascannons, though, are they? But look, you can put lascannons all over a Space Marine force, on Razorbacks, Devastators, Dreadnaughts, Land Raiders, etc etc. Centurions are allowed to move and fire their heavy weapons with no penalty, so I reckon giving them two shorter ranged anti-tank or heavy infantry guns, plus lots of bolter shots to mow down chaff, plays better to their strength. Which is stomping forward heavily, shooting everything in their path.

Or being squeezed into a tin can and dropped out of the sky, of course.

Another kit I didn't really like until I painted one, the drop pod sits on the fence between vehicle and scenery. It's pretty cool to be able to plonk it on the table, but it doesn't really do much once it's there.

Holy cats, this thing has a detailed interior. I painted it separately, then stuck the struts on afterwards. Now the marines can play Asteroids as they blast towards the surface.

 A beautiful Grimdark flower.

Great for fluff, mind you, and as a model it's quite an elaborate one, with its spinning internal turret and opening door flaps. Quite how three centurions fit into one, I have no idea. Like clowns in a car, I imagine.

"Get out the way! I really need to pee!"

Finally, these two little sneakers managed to evade my brush on previous occasions. No longer, though, they're done, dusted and joining their squadmates in the cupboard even now.

It was the camoflage, I guess, that's how this guy escaped the last batch.

I knew there was a conversion beamer somewhere in my collection! Found him at last. 

Just as preposterous looking as the gun's description - a weapon that converts mass into raw energy. Whee!

I haven't decided what I'm doing next. Not that I haven't plenty to choose from. Any requests, anyone?


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